Welcome to the Ad Server Demo!

Seems you have some products that need selling. Or maybe you know some people that want to pay you to advertise their products. You're in luck: the concrete5 Ad Server addon helps you do all this in a jiffy. 

Need to show certain ads more or less based on a target level of impressions or clickthrus? Ad server does that. 

Need to weight certain ads so they appear more than others in their group? Ad server does that, too. 

Coupled with standard concrete5 functionality, the possibilities are pretty endless. Put an ad group in a global area to have them show on every page, while placing certain other ad groups only on specific pages. It also has a solid history feature that shows you your clickthrus and impressions on each ad, along with other info. 

But enough chatter. There's some ad space to the right. Knock 'em dead. 


Visit the addon page here.